3.7 x 5.2 New Bidjar Rug, Natural Dyes & Hand Spun Wool

A contemporary, hand woven Bidjar rug, utilizing natural dyes and hand spun wool. This rug is the only example we recall having in the 20 or so years we have carried this production to have this stunning deep teal color field. The field is decorated with the Split Arabesque format made famous by 19th century Bidjar rugs and carpets often referred to as “Gerus” or “Garrus” style. This format generally includes flowers or shrubs with strap work.

We consider this rug to be an excellent example of our category “Oriental Rugs For New Collectors”. This production has not been imported for a number of years and will probably eventually run down entirely or perhaps remain a small production focused on the European market, as it is now. The examples still available in the United States is a shrinking supply, and superlative examples such as this rug represent a great opportunity to acquire great and useable, textile art.

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Price:  Please, call Helen or Douglas at (781) 205-9817 for price or with other questions.