Douglas Stock Gallery offers a highly select group of new, hand woven Oriental rugs, room size carpets and runners. Our contemporary rugs are from three of the world’s finest productions and are hand woven utilizing natural dyes and hand spun wool, generally featuring traditional Persian or Turkish designs from the 19th century or earlier.

  • 8.2 x 11.4 New Hand Woven Arabesque Design Carpet From A Fine Azerbaijani Production

  • 7 x 10 New Turkish Natural Dye Carpet With Persian Bidjar Design

  • 2.9 x 12 New Persian Heriz Runner

  • 6.1 x 8 New Persian Bidjar Rug, Harshang Design

  • 2.9 x 10.1 New Natural Dye Persian Bidjar Runner

  • 2.6 x 11.11 New Turkish Runner In The Persian Heriz Style

  • 9.2 x 11.11 New Natural Dye Turkish Carpet In The Mamluk Style

  • 9 x 12.7 New Turkish Carpet with Persian Karaja Design