11 X 13.8 Antique Karaja “Serapi” Carpet, Heriz District, Northwest Persia, Circa 1890

Outstanding 19th century carpets from the Heriz district in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan province are prized for their beautiful palettes and geometric designs. A number of villages in the area, including Heriz itself, Karaja, Bakshaish and Goravan, wove carpets, though Goravan carpets seem to date to no earlier than circa 1910. Heriz, Karaja and Bakshaish carpets from the 19th century are often superlative in their color quality and the designs often reflect a charming and slightly archaic character. These early examples are often referred to colloquially as antique “Serapi” carpets, although there is no village by that name and if analyzed far enough the concept essentially disappears into thin air. That said, most people with some familiarity with antique Persian carpets recognize a “Serapi” when they see one.

This carpet, identifiable as having been woven in the village of Karaja due to the single knotted construction which Karaja is the only village in the area to employ,  is distinctive in several respects, most notably the wide, yellow “Turtle” design border. The carpet is also somewhat more square than typical.

This carpet would serve beautifully as the foundation for a room decorated with period American or English antiques. It would also go well in a more modern setting, where its warm colors and whimsical design would soften the often stark appearance of modern furniture and decorative arts.

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