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There are many fine Oriental rug dealers in both the Boston area and the New York City area. However, few dealers specialize in highly select antique Oriental rugs. Douglas Stock Gallery, located in historic South Natick,Massachusetts, 15 miles west of Boston and 5 minutes from Wellesley center, is the Boston area’s best choice for exceptional antique Oriental rugs. For some of the best quality antique rugs available in the Boston area, New England and the New York City metropolitan area, Douglas Stock Gallery is a leading source.

Douglas Stock Gallery has a national clientele that stretches from the Boston area and New England to New York, Washington DC, Florida and California. Over the years, Douglas Stock Gallery owners Helen and Douglas Stock have worked with clients in 30 different states and a number of countries.

Helen and Douglas Stock are 32 year members of the New York City based Art & Antique Dealers League Of America, a consortium of approximately 60 of the leading antiques dealers in the United States and representing various fields within the broader antiques sector, including fine art, antique carpets, period American, English and Continental furniture, antique porcelain and pottery, and many other areas of specialization. The League was founded in 1926 and is the oldest antiques dealers association in the United States. The League is also a member of the international antiques association CINOA.

Dealing with a knowledgable and nationally respected dealer in any area within the broader antiques sector is important and we feel that Douglas Stock Gallery offers a distinctive approach to helping clients furnish their homes with fine quality antique rugs and/or to help clients build substantial, carefully curated collections of antique rugs and carpets.

Helen and Douglas Stock have spoken at The Textile Museum in Washington,DC on three occasions; have authored a number of articles on antique Oriental rugs for magazines or trade publications; and have exhibited in many of the nation’s most select antiques shows.

Douglas Stock has served on the board of The Art and Antique Dealers League Of America; on the board of the ADA; and has served on the Antique Carpets Vetting Committee for The Winter Antiques Show (now called simply “The Winter Show”) in New York City for more than 20 years, the last ten or so as chairman of the Antiques Carpets Committee.

Helen Stock is widely known and extremely highly respected both in the antique carpet trade and with private clients for her discerning eye in finding exemplary antique rugs and carpets, as well as for recognizing existing restoration and areas of carpets that might benefit from restoration.

Nationally regarded as scholars in the field of antique Persian carpets, Douglas and Helen Stock are especially well known for specializing in antique Persian Fereghan Sarouk rugs and carpets; antique Mohtasham Kashan rugs and carpets; antique Bidjar rugs and carpets; and antique rugs and carpets from the Heriz area in northwest Persia, including antique Heriz rugs and carpets; antique Karaja rugs and carpets; and antique Bakshaish rugs and carpets. One of Helen and Douglas’s talks held at The Textile Museum many years ago was on antique Kurdish weavings.

Both Helen and Douglas grew up in the Boston area and have also spent an immense amount of time in New York City and, with 38 years of experience as dealers in antique rugs, they are familiar with the market for antique rugs and carpets in both cities. Clients in the Boston area traditionally favored antique Heriz “Serapi” carpets and antique Bidjar carpets, both types known for their colorful and whimsical character. In recent years, the Boston area has moved more toward “decorative” carpets with lighter palettes but there are still connoisseurs in the area who appreciate traditional carpets, especially those of very high quality including antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan carpets, which are often considered to be the finest of all 19th century Persian carpets. Antique rug clients in New York City have long appreciated antique Heriz “Serapi” carpets, antique Caucasian rugs and Persian Bakshaish, Sultanabad and Tabriz carpets.

The Stocks work with individual clients interested in the highest quality 19th and early 20th century Oriental rugs and carpets, as well as with interior designers and architects with a similar interest in high quality examples.

Douglas Stock Gallery is located within 30 minutes or so of the Boston Back Bay and Beacon Hill neighborhoods, Brookline, Newton, Belmont, Lexington, Concord, Weston, Wellesley, Needham, Dover and Sherborn. Douglas Stock Gallery is also convenient to the Boston North Shore, including Beverly, Marblehead, Wenham, Hamilton, Manchester-By-The-Sea, Swampscott and Newburyport. All are within an hour or so of our shop. Douglas Stock Gallery is also convenient to Boston South Shore towns including Hingham, Cohasset, Duxbury and Plymouth,MA. Cape Cod towns are generally with 60 to 90 minutes from Douglas Stock Gallery. For clients visiting Douglas Stock Gallery from Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, we can be reached fairly easily.

The broader New England market for antique Oriental rugs and carpets tends to mirror the traditional Boston market, with an appreciation of bold, saturated color and charming designs in antique rugs. As one gets closer to New York City, there has tended to be more of a mix, with saturated color rugs, including antique Caucasian and Persian Heriz carpets being popular and clients also gravitating toward antique Sultanabad carpets, with their softer colors and more impressionistic designs.

Douglas Stock Gallery tries to offer carefully selected antique rugs in a broad price range, from exemplary examples in a more modest price range to world class examples of the most important types of 19th century Persian carpets. To view rugs with artistic merit in price ranges accessible to most people with more than a passing interest in Oriental rugs, please click here to view our Oriental Rugs For New Collectors.

To schedule an appointment to view antique Oriental rugs with Helen and Douglas Stock of Douglas Stock Gallery, please call (781) 205-9817 or please send us an e-mail through the Contact page on this website. We offer shipping of antique carpets to all 50 states.

Thank you for your interest in Douglas Stock Gallery, the Boston area’s most selective dealer in antique Oriental rugs and Persian carpets.

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