4.4 x 6.11 World Class Antique Senneh Kilim, Northwest Persia, Circa 1890

Along with Bidjar, the village of Senneh is the principal weaving center in northwest Persia’s Kurdistan province. Production of Senneh rugs is relatively small, in relation to many other types of Persian rugs woven in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That said, it seems, at least to me when I think about it, that the number of “kilims” (flat woven as opposed to pile rugs) woven in Senneh seems disproportionately high. That is not to say there are more kilims than pile rugs. Rather, that, compared say to production in Bidjar, where kilims are quite rare and are far out-numbered by pile rugs, the number of kilims woven in Senneh seems substantial, though not in excess of, the number of pile rugs woven there.

The kilim is of a caliber rarely seen. It is not extraordinarily fine in weave but the design and colors are outstanding. The navy blue field is decorated with what I suppose classify as “Boteh” (Paisley shaped motifs) but, when viewed closely, as one can do in the attached detail photos, they seem to form shrub-like motifs with a small hook at the top. The coloration in these shrub-like motifs includes extensive use of green, along with yellow. a small amount of mid blue, red and ivory. They contrast well with the navy blue field.

The large ivory medallion is decorated with rows of charming, stylized flowers with leaves. The multi-color vertical stripes in the corner frame the field well.

This kilim is in exceptionally fine condition and is suitable for display on a wall, draped over a table or used on the floor with suitable care.

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