Antique Bidjar Kilim (Flat Woven) Rug, Northwest Persia, Circa 1925

Kurdish weavers in both Bidjar and Senneh, each village located in northwest Persia’s Kurdistan province, primarily wove pile rugs but did make some flat woven rugs, referred to as “kilims”. This Bidjar kilim was probably woven in the 1920s. It has been in a Massachusetts family collection for about 50 years and we recently acquired it directly from the family.

The brick navy blue field contains a coral and ivory medallion with green and yellow highlights. Zoomorphic forms, probably stylized birds, appear in the field and corner spandrels. There is a beautiful deep green.

In generally excellent condition and among the most durable type of flat woven rug one can find, one side of the rug is faded, likely due to sunlight exposure. It actually gives the buyer a choice of aesthetics, with a more saturated palette on one side and a lighter palette on the other. You get the effect of two rugs for the price of one.

The side of the rug with the more saturated colors appears first. Please, place cursor on the image and use arrows to view the lighter side.

Price:  Please, call Helen or Douglas at (781) 205-9817