4.6 x 6.5 Antique Melayer Rug, West Persia, Circa 1900

Melayer rugs were woven in eastern part Hamadan province, which is located in west Persia, south of Kurdistan and west of Sultanabad. Melayer rugs are typically the most finely woven rugs of all the rugs woven in the dozens of weaving villages within Hamadan province, especially the super fine examples often called “Mishin” Melayer rugs, which can be as finely woven as many of the finest Senneh rugs. These two types, with Senneh rugs having been woven further north in Kurdistan province, share a structural similarity in that both rug types feature what can be referred to as a “single knot” construction. For each individual knot, the wool needs to wrap around two contiguous warp threads (the vertical foundation threads in a rug). In dense, heavy rugs like Bidjar and Sarouk rugs, the warp threads are stacked directly one over the other (forming what can be called a “double knot). In certain Heriz rugs, the rows of warp threads are slightly offset, producing what is called an “alternate depressed warp”.

In both Melayer and Senneh rugs, the two continuous warp threads are on a flat plane, with wool wrapping around both warp to make one knot. After a serious of knots is produced, the pile is sheared down low, often to show greater clarity in the design.

Antique Persian Melayer rugs are generally light in weight, as Persian rugs go, typically with wool pile, cotton warps and cotton wefts (the horizontal foundation threads). The can be reasonably durable, in a similar way to how Senneh rugs, another thin, single knotted type of rug can be fairly durable, but both Melayer and Senneh rugs are typically best utilized in a light to moderate traffic area.

The Melayer featured here has whimsical floral forms on a navy field that contains two well drawn coral color medallions. Coral color corner spandrels and a light blue border frame the field.

With a whimsical elegance, this rug would fit well in a variety of interior design schemes, from classical to modern.

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