4.1 x 6.5  Antique Fereghan Sarouk Rug, Central Persia, Circa 1915

Featuring a complex design that seems inspired by early Classical Period (circa 1501 – 1722) rugs, this Fereghan Sarouk is somewhat of an enigma. It does not seem to be an early example; i.e, pre circa 1900, and we would date it toward the end of the “Fereghan” period of Sarouk manufacturer, circa 1915. However, the drawing is very well done and the weave is reasonably fine.

The red border and medallion have been “painted”, a practice that was done widely with Sarouk rugs and carpets in the from around 1915 through the 1930s, where the fashion for deeper shades of red varied with the indigenous palette selection. If you look at the back of this rug, or many other Sarouk examples, the red is lighter and often more to the salmon or coral shades than the crimson or burgundy shades often seen on the front of the rug. The painted color in this rug is quite nice but there is also an option, a bit risky but often very successful, of removing the applied color.

The general condition of this rug is excellent, with some curling of the sides of the rug where they need to be flattened.

A very interesting piece, taken as a whole.

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