3.8 x 5.4 Antique Bidjar Rug, Herati Design, Northwest Persia, Circa 1920

A finely woven antique Bidjar rug from northwest Persia’s Kurdistan province. The brick red field is and sky blue medallion are decorated with the classical “Herati” design, consisting a diamond motif containing a flower head, with leaves or flowers extending vertically from the diamond and four leaves or stylized fish around the diamond.

The pale sky blue medallion in this rug is a distinctive and beautiful feature. Generally, when a rug has a central medallion it also has corner spandrels but in this rug the field extends all the way to the interior guard border in each direction. A charming border with scrolling leaves and flowers, and light blue guard borders, frames the field.

A very durable rug suitable for a high traffic area.

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