8.6 X 10.5 Antique Heriz Serapi Carpet, Ivory Field, Northwest Persia, Circa 1885

Antique carpets from the Heriz district in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan province are famous for their beautiful colors and geometric designs. Earlier examples; i.e., those generally predating circa 1900, are colloquially referred to as antique “Serapi” carpets.

This example has a somewhat uncommon format in that it has a central medallion but no corner spandrels. The ivory field extends the full width and length of the central (“field”) section and is then framed by a brick red Turtle design border and sky blue guard borders. The ivory field itself, in addition to the coral and navy medallion, is decorated with large navy blue leaves that are framed in brick red, plus ancillary stylized floral decoration including polychromatic larger flowers.

Nearly all antique Persian carpets are essentially “floral” in design; it is primarily a matter of the degree of stylization as to how a carpet appears. In carpets from the Heriz district in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan province, the designs tend to be rendered in a rectilinear manner, resulting in an aesthetic that is extremely flexible in its application for interior design. It can be modern, or casual, or the foundation for a period room where the surroundings impart a more formal appearance. This is one of the reasons that antique Heriz carpets, including the early examples such as this that are often colloquially referred to as antique “Serapi” carpets, are so highly prized.

Since this photo was taken, the end guard border with partial loss has been professionally rewoven.

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