5.1 x 9.10 Antique Northwest Persian Rug, Possibly Serab, Circa 1895

A finely woven northwest Persian village rug, probably from Azerbaijan province and possibly from the Serab area. The navy field is decorated with a series of alternating ivory and bric red medallions and ancillary stylized flowers and leaves.

A complex border system, consisting of one brick red and one yellow interior guard border, a brown major border with stylized flowers, a second major border with an ivory background and vines and flowers, and a brown and green Reciprocal Trefoil outer border, frames the field.

Woven with cotton warp (vertical foundation) threads and finer than Serab rugs typically are, I am not sure exactly where to attribute this rug to but it seems to be more a product of the Persian Azerbaijan region than anywhere else.

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