4 x 6.4 Antique Fereghan Rug, Central Persia, Circa 1895

Antique Fereghan Rugs from central Persia’s Sultanabad province are among the most classic types  of Persian rugs. They differ from their “Fereghan Sarouk” counterparts by being lighter and more pliable in weave, and often having somewhat more archaic patters, though many have navy fields with the classic Safavid period inspired “Herati” design of diamond shaped motifs, flowerheads and stylized leaves or fish.

This example features an open red field decorated with navy blue medallion and framed by green corner spandrels. The border has an “early” feel to it, so I might be too conservative in the dating of this rug.

This rug also features the famous grass green color, seen in the guard borders, which tends to oxidize and corrode and is a key element in both identifying a rug as a Fereghan as well as helping to date it to a certain period.

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