3.7 x 5 Antique Transitional Fereghan /  Mahajaran Sarouk Rug, Central Persia, Circa 1910

Mahajaran Sarouk rugs followed the Fereghan Sarouk period from the 19th century, with the earliest Mahajaran type Sarouk rugs probably being woven between 1910 and 1915 and continuing until sometime in the 1920s, when the so called “Commercial Sarouk” or “American Sarouk” rugs began to be made.

This piece appears to be an early transitional example, probably dating to circa 1910. It is as finely woven as some Fereghan Sarouk rugs and has the spacious, slightly rectilinear drawing characteristic of Fereghan and early Mahajaran examples.

Navy field Mahajaran Sarouk rugs are less common than their red field counterparts and generally more highly prized. This example features well spaced stylized floral motifs on a navy blue field with green, mid blue, red and ivory details.

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