3.6 x 12.4 Antique Serab Runner Rug, Northwest Persia, Azerbaijan Province, Circa 1880

This distinctive piece is likely one of the earliest and most beautiful Serab runners most of us are likely to ever see. The camel color field contains ivory medallions and triangular shaped half medallions coming in toward the center from each side. Some of these are decorated with a snowflake-like motif, seemingly borrowed from Karagashli rugs woven in the Kuba district in the northeast Caucasus. Stylized flowerheads also decorate the medallions. The highly abstract green vines(?) that decorate the camel field are a very uncommon aspect in terms of the color. The ivory major border is done in a style also seen in northeast Caucasian rugs and the interior and exterior guard borders are rendered in a quintessential Serab “Reciprocal Trefoil” style and then framed by a plain camel color banding.

A world class example.

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