3.8 x 11.4 Antique Runner Rug, Possibly Northwest Persian, Circa 1890

A distinctive antique runner that is a bit difficult to attribute. It was probably woven in northwest Persia but there are aspects, especially some of the more pastel colors, that have the feel of some Turkish rugs.

The navy blue field is decorated with a stylized lattice and shrub format that is framed by a red major border that has the character of some Shah Savan tribal weavings from northwest Persia or the Caucasus.

The weave is also puzzling, with a light weight, pliable handle and with red wool wefts, including some rows where multiple wefts make the spacing between the rows of knots far from uniform. One sees this in Kazak rugs from the southwest Caucasus but there is little if anything else that suggests this is a Kazak. The multi cord selvedges are also somewhat unusual. A beautiful and puzzling weaving.

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