10.2 x 13.7 Antique Persian Mahajaran Sarouk Carpet, Circa 1915

Mahajaran Sarouk carpets were woven in central Persia’s Sultanabad (later called Arak) province. They followed the period when Fereghan Sarouk rugs and carpets were woven (circa 1870 – 1910) and preceded the “commercial” Sarouks of the 1920s and 1930s.

Known for their quality, durability, superb wool and colors, and open, spacious designs, Mahajaran Sarouk rugs and carpets are a distinctive type of Persian rug. They were woven using both navy blue and red fields but, at least to us, it is really the navy blue examples that stand out.

This carpet is beautifully drawn and has excellent color quality.

Many Mahajaran Sarouk rugs and carpets were exported from the United States to Europe in the 1980s and until about 2010 where they were very popular. It has become difficult to find beautiful examples and we are happy when we do.