3.6 x 2.8  Large Antique Kurdish Bag Face, Northwest Persia, Circa 1890

Acquired directly from a superlative family collection, this outstanding large 19th century northwest Persian Kurdish bag face was probably woven by the Jaff Kurdish tribe. The field is decorated with the classic design of latch hook or animal head motifs within diamonds. However, the scale of the diamonds is quite large, giving this bag face uncommon character. A brown border with stylized stars or flowers and a brick red border with a meandering vine and flower design frame the field. The closure tabs at the bottom are large intact and most of the brocade end finish at the top is retained. The browns are oxidized, as would be expected of a piece of this age and the palette is wide and beautiful, with two different greens, coral, navy, mid blue, brown and brick red.

An example for a serious collector of Kurdish weavings or connoisseur of textile art in general.

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