An Antique Joshagan Gallery Carpet, Central Persia, Circa 1850 – 1875

A small number of central Persian Joshagan carpets date to the mid 19th century of earlier but the vast majority appear to have been woven after circa 1910 or 1920. Early examples tend to be thin and have pliable handles, while the later examples tend to have thick pile and are very densely woven and heavy in weight.

This example, which we acquired from an exceptional New York family collection, features shrubs and Willow Trees on a navy blue field. An ivory border with scrolling vines and flowers frames the field. An inscription panel appears in the major border at the lower end of the carpet.

This carpet has a pliable handle, is fairly light in weight and has thin pile. It appears to date to the third quarter of the 19th century.

This Joshagan carpet is now part of an outstanding New England family collection.

Since we do not have an archives page just for Joshagan carpets, we are including it on the Kashan carpets archive page, as both types are from central Persia.

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