14.4 x 13 An Important Antique Sultanabad Carpet, Probably Commissioned by the Anglo-Swiss firm Ziegler & Co., Central Persia, Circa 1890

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A very distinctive antique Persian Sultanabad carpet, almost certainly commissioned by the Anglo-Swiss firm Ziegler & Co.. who began producing carpets in central Persia’s Sultanabad province circa 1883.

The squarish size, especially uncommon in that it is wider than it is long, suggests it was woven as a custom order for a specific room. Ziegler carpets were often woven for the British aristocracy and other wealthy people in Great Britain and the United States and they remain the quintessential 19th century decorative carpet for the English country house style, as well as refined city apartments.

The denim blue field is a Ziegler hallmark and is highly prized. The all-over design features palmettes and sickle leaves with classical Safavid Dynasty (circa 1501 – 1722) antecedents. The soft brick color major border features eight point star shaped motifs and is framed on both sides by three minor borders.

The size is sufficiently uncommon that Helen and I have looked carefully to see if it might have been cut and reduced in size at some point but it appears to be the original size.

Ziegler carpets of this caliber were considerably more expensive at the height of the market and this carpet offers a great opportunity to own a top flight 19th century carpet with distinctive features. As the trend toward traditional antiques and furnishing continues to gain momentum, we feel this carpet offers excellent value, in addition to being a beautiful example of textile art.

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