7.11 x 9.6  New, Hand Woven Turkish Carpet With Persian Harshang Design.

This new carpet was hand woven in Turkey utilizing natural dyes and hand spun wool. It is from one of the world’s best contemporary rug productions, which now, after close to 40 years, appears to have ceased production, making carpetS remaining in the market prized.

The deep denim blue field is decorated with the classic Persian Harshang design of various palmettes and flowers. A brick red Turtle border frames the field.

Carpets from this production comport well with antique carpets.

One of the advantages of the handful of best contemporary productions is the ability to sometimes source sizes that are very difficult to find in antique carpets. Just under 8′ x 10′ in size, it would be quite difficult to find an antique Persian Heriz or Bidjar that might have similar colors and the famous Harshang format.

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Price:  Please, call Helen or Douglas at (781) 205-9817