6.4 x 8.4 Antique Luri Tribal Rug, Eye Dazzler Design, South Persia, Circa 1890

With strong graphics and beautiful color, this antique tribal rug by the Luri tribe in south Persia is an outstanding example of 19th century Persian tribal textile art. The “Eye Dazzler” design consists of concentric “Latch hook” design diamond shaped motifs in a wide range of colors. The border system is exceptionally beautiful, with the major border decorated reciprocal triangles in shades of mid blue, green, light yellow, madder red, sky blue, coral and navy. A light yellow interior guard border and an ivory exterior guard border frame the major border which, at the ends, changes design to a more typical Luri format of diagonal striped blocks of color.

The size of this rug is larger than most antique tribal rugs and it is both collectible and very decorative for both a traditional or modern interior.

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