1.7 X 2 Antique Kerman Rug, South Persia, Circa 1895

This fine antique Persian “mat” or “poshti”, terms for very small antique Persian rugs measuring approximately 2 feet wide and 3 feet long, or in this case a good bit smaller, features a burgundy color medallion on a s=light blue field that is decorated with ivory flowerheads. An abrashed (variegated) light green to mid blue border frames the field.

It was likely woven in the area of the south Persian city of Kerman. The burgundy shade especially suggests this. However, there seems some possibility it was woven further north in the central Persian city of Kashan.

This small rug would be nice displayed on a wall or table but is also in good enough condition that it could be used on the floor in an area that receives light traffic.

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