7.2 X 11.7 Antique Fereghan Carpet, Herati Design, Circa 1890

A distinctive antique Fereghan carpet from central Persia’s Sultanabad province. 19th century Fereghan carpets are referred to as “The English Gentleman’s Carpet”, as they were favored by the British aristocracy. Fereghan carpets differ from “Fereghan Sarouk” carpets by having a lighter, more pliable handle. The quintessential composition is a carpet with a navy blue field that is decorated with the classical “Herati” design of stylized leaves or fish around a diamond shaped motif with a flowerhead within it.

Fereghan carpets also tend to follow the classical paradigm of being long and narrow. Rather than, for example, a more standard 8′ x 10′, one is likely to see a carpet that is five or six feet wide by ten feet in length. This carpet is distinctive in being larger than the many so-called “gallery carpets” and also in having a variegated (“abrashed”) field that goes from a light grass green to a greenish yellow.

Some Fereghan carpets have a rendition of the “Herati” design in a more compact, and therefore more densely decorated, scale. The somewhat larger scale seen here allows the design more room to breathe and enables the viewer to appreciate the variegated field color.

A brick red “Turtle” design frames the field.

The ancillary colors of sky blue, mid blue, deep green and ivory really bring the design out well.

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