4.9 x 7.2 Antique Persian Halvai Bidjar Rug, Northwest Persia, Kurdistan Province, Circa 1895

The term “Halvai” is often applied to very fine antique Bidjar rugs. This rug belongs to a distinctive group of finely woven Bidjar rugs from the late 19th century that feature corner spandrels with similar leaves, generally have the classical “Herati” design decorating the field, and most notably have a plain color inner band that separates the field from the borders. This Bidjar is woven on a wool foundation.

Many Bidjar rugs have a speckled effect in some of the motifs, where the weaver(s) alternate the colors to produce a sort of checkerboard effect. The main Quatrefoil in the center of the medallion is the most pronounced use of this feature I recall seeing. It is more often used in smaller motifs.

The denim blue Turtle border frames the field well.

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