4.10 x 5.8 Antique Karaja Rug, Northwest Persia, Circa 1900

A distinctive antique Karaja rug from one of the well known satellite villages in the Heriz district in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan province. Rugs from the village of  Karaja are unusual to begin with, since they are the only type of Heriz area weaving to utilize a “single knotted” construction, where each half of a single knot is contiguous on a flat plane. In other rugs and carpets from the Heriz district, the two halves of an individual knot are either stacked directly over one another, like in a Bidjar with “heavily depressed warps” (the vertical foundation threads in a rug), or they are off-set, in what is called an “alternate depressed warp” construction.

In addition to the construction, being a Karaja rather than a Heriz, this rug is slightly wider and more square than is typical; the navy blue field is less common than its red field counterparts; and the format of twelve medallions, rather than the more typical three medallion designs for which Karaja rugs are known, is quite uncommon.

This rug has beautiful color quality.

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