3.9 x 6.1 New Hand Woven Bidjar Rug With Vase Design, Natural Dyes & Hand Spun Wool

A new Bidjar rug, hand woven utilizing natural dyes and hand spun wool from the contemporary rug production we consider to be the best in the world.

The deep sky blue field is decorated with the classical Vase design, with large green compartment containing a stylized flower and other floral motifs. The brick red border is decorated with scrolling vines with leaves in shades of navy blue, coral and grass green.

The use of open space is an extremely important factor in the beauty of a rug and this example showcases both a range of motifs and variation in scale of the motifs, while featuring expanses of the sky blue field that allow the design elements to float and the entire design to breathe.

A superb example even in the context of this exemplary production.

Please, view the detail photo of the weave to see the quality and superlative colors.

To view detail photos, place cursor on image and use arrows.