2.6 x 16.5 Antique Chinese Ningxia Runner Rug, Circa 1880

Chinese Ningxia rugs were often woven as throne covers, sometimes in a series of rugs about two feet square connected to one another in the shape of a runner. These were frequently then separated to have small, individual rugs.

This piece is an actual runner and while I acknowledge I am far from an expert in antique Chinese rugs it is my understanding than Ningxia runners are quite uncommon. This piece probably dates to the late 19th century.

Lotus flowers and what appear to be either dragons with fish-like tails, called Douniu, or what a very knowledgable friend and colleague has referred to as Lion Dogs in a throne cover back of similar design, decorate the field. The field is framed a light yellow border with bats, a symbol in Chinese art of good fortune, and a plain blue outer guard band.

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