10 x 15.7 Antique Mahajaran Sarouk Carpet, Central Persia, Circa 1915

Antique Mahajaran Sarouk carpets were woven as the “Fereghan Sarouk” period was winding down and before the “commercial” or “painted” Sarouk carpets. In general, Mahajaran Sarouk carpets would have been woven between circa 1910 and 1925, with earlier examples typically characterized by more rectilinear articulation of motifs and one open space between motifs. These carpets almost always have either navy blue or red fields. They are generally densely woven, with fairly thick pile, very high quality wool and excellent dyes.

This over size example features elegant floral forms on a navy blue field that is framed by a terra cotta color border that is decorated with “cloud bands”.

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